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Welcome to Vibrant Living with Nousha.

I’m Nousha a former climber of the corporate ladder turned lifestyle entrepreneur. Each week, I’ll bring you an inspiring message to support you in designing and creating a vibrant, fulfilling life.

Receive all the tips and resources you need to elevate your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial health as these are the five pillars for enjoying a vibrant, fulfilling life.

Listen in as Nousha shares how she transformed her obstacles into opportunities propelling her into designing and creating a life she loves.

Each episode is designed to inspire, educate and encourage you to take action to create your vibrant, fulfilling life. Episodes include interviews with people in our community who are elevating health, one conversation at a time.

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Jun 28, 2017

In today’s episode Nousha Behbahanian, Vibrant Lifestyle Mentor, interviews Shanti Supernant, a Certified Vedic Astrologer, who sheds light on this 6,000 year old science (Vedic Astrology) also known as the “science of light” and how it impacts each of us.  Learn the differences between Western Astrology and Vedic...

Jun 21, 2017

As a regular listener of Vibrant Living with Nousha you know that we end every show with: “Be vibrant. Be bright. It’s your birthright. Now, let’s go out there and shine our light”. The reality is that humanity as a whole is disjointed from Vibrant Living.

In today’s episode Nousha Behbahanian, Vibrant...

Jun 14, 2017

Dreams, they inspire us to become our best selves.  The journey to realizing our dreams can be a rewarding one as we transform ourselves from the inside out.  Join us today as Nousha Behbahanian interviews Farinaz Lari, an awe-inspiring woman who had a dream to become a World Kickboxing Champion; her dream came true as...

Jun 7, 2017

You eat well and aim to incorporate a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients your body needs daily; however, your mental health is not on your radar.  Although you experience worry, doubt and fear about your life and the future we are living into, you don’t intentionally take steps to elevate your mental...